Scott McCloud interview by Alok Nandi. #IxD14

By in Blog on February 10, 2014

I missed Scott McCloud keynote on Thursday but I attended an interview by Alok Nandi.

(His talk was probably the only one not recorded.)

He also offered a workshop about Writing with Pictures: The Power of Visual Communication
Scott is a cartoonist and he talked about ways to apply techniques from the graphic arts world to interaction design and usability.
It was great to hear his observations. He’s a great communicator and reminded us the advantages of our work and our media.

Some quotes:

“If I don’t need to think it, I don’t need to see it”

“we are narrative seeking creatures”

“All pictures are words”

“amplification through simplification”

“Our medium is the knowledge and expectations of our users”

“We don’t receive meaning, we create it on the fly, from visual stimuli” Talking about mentally decompressing drawings.

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