This year the IxDA Interaction conference is being held here in The Netherlands.

Interaction14, 5-8 February 2014, Amsterdam

Hienadz Drahun and I had management approval to assist.

Unfortunately the clearance to use our company credit cards to pay, did come a bit late and many days where sold out in a few minutes so we decided to assist to some workshops and any available date.

Of course some of the most interesting workshops where also sold out 🙁

At the end I was able to book a couple of workshops to which I attended yesterday and we will be there this Saturday

The workshops, held at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht in Hilversum, where very interesting.

Date:  June 2011

Role: User Interface Designer, User Experience Designer, Information Architecture, Artist, Illustrations, Animations, CSS Layout

Description: iD-Stress is a project developed by four students of the Multimedia Creation, Design and Engineering Master (MCDEM) from the La Salle – Ramon Llull University, in collaboration with the Clínica Enlace and Ana Lombard.

Date: March 2012

Agency: Theese Days – Amsterdam

Role: Web Design and CSS/ DIV layout, GIF animated banners

Description: Site redesign proposal

Date: January 2012

Client: Fundación Jesús Serra

Agency: Paco Pepe Comunicació

Role: Art Direction, Web Design, Information Architecture, Usability.

Description: A 2.0 education platform that aims on reuse, recycle and sustainability.

Date: November 2011

Client: Carglass España

Agency: Paco Pepe Comunicació

Role: Art direction, concept, illustration

Description: Carglass ad for the iPad magazine Actualidad 7


Date: July 2011

Client: Carglass España

Agency: Paco Pepe Comunicació

Role: Graphic design, web layout, information architecture, usability.

Description: A live video streaming proposal for the BOB2012 Barcelona competition.

Date: March 2012

Client: Melenco

Role: Corporate Identity, Interior design, WordPress template customizing.

Description: Design for an Asian trading bridge company.

Date: March 2011

Client: Grupo Moliner

Role: Graphic design, composition.

Description: Design of a street action based on a roulette game for prizes.

Date: February 2011

Role: Game User Interface Design, Stock/Order Control User Interface Design, Corporate Imaging.

Description: This was a project for the Design, Art and Creativity class directed by Emiliano Labrador Ruiz de la Hermosa for the Multimedia Creation, Design and Engineering Master (MCDEM) from the La Salle – Ramon Llull University.


Back-End stock UI

Back-End stock UI

Date: October 2010

Client: Grupo Moliner

Role: Graphic Design, Composition

Description: Aesthetics for the to carry products campaing