Date: January 2010

Client: Grupo Moliner

Role: Graphic design, packaging.

Description: Visual communication proposal and campaing to promote Zara’s Gift Card

Date: November 2009

Client: espai BoRoJó

Role: Art Direction, Corporate Identity

Description: This is a clothing store that wanted a sophisticated and yet primal look. The Borojó is a tropical fruit from a tree that grows in the northwest area of Colombia in the Chocó Department.

Date: November 2009

Client: Adlandis Media

Role: Creative Direction, CSS/DIV layout, Usability and Information Architecture. 

Description: e-commerce customizable solution for local stores.

Date: September 2009

Client: lifeColor Nasta, s.l.

Role: Art Direction, Corporate Identity

Description: This photographic services company works mainly making newborn photo sessions at hospitals. They needed a fresh look yet elegant for it to transmit the joy of keeping this happy memory for life and the looks of a solid company. I inspired my self thinking of the new born child as a flower that blooms. Orange-Baby-Flower-Sun-Fire | Green-Father-Grass-Earth | Blue-Mother-Water

Date: 2009

Client: Adlandis Media

Role: Creative Direction, corporate identity, UI Design, IA, Usability, CSS/DIV layout.

Description: Online advertising, marketing and e-commerce system for advertisers, local businesses and web publishers.

Date: September 2009

Client: Adlandis Media

Role: Creative Direction, corporate identity, CSS/DIV layout, Information Architecture.

Description: Internal search engine with companies profiles, promos, events, product catalogue, shopwindows, on-line stores, etc.

Date: June 2009

Client: Adlandis Medial

Role: Creative Direction, corporate identity. Description: A business to business visual trade fair web portal.

Date: May 2008

Client: Ferrero Ibérica S.A.

Empoyer: The Brand Nation by aastuce

Role: Packaging Layout

Description: The Brand Nation by aastuce had designed the promotional graphics to be applied to Kinder Chocolate’s packaging originally in spanish. They hired my services as a freelance for some weeks to apply the promotional graphics and redesign the layout for bilingual information (spanish and portuguese) in all their packaging and displays.

Date: October 2007

Client: Unified Home Solutions, Inc.

Role: Art Direction, Web Design and layout, Corporate Identity, Flash Animations

Description: Corporate web site for a company that provides a complete suite of products and services for homeowners and builders looking to exploit the benefits of the connected home and integrate the latest technologies in home intelligence and automation.



Date: 2006 – 2008

Client: UTG

Role: Art Director, UX, UI, IA.

Description: Graphic user interface that helps you communicate and interact with your condominium