EmilianoI have lived the evolution of graphic communication as we know it for the last 20 years. Trained as a Graphic Designer with studies in Industrial Design and Mechanics, I began specializing in User Experience since 1998, having gained experience in different companies and advertising agencies in Caracas, Miami and Barcelona were I lived for 12 years before moving to The Netherlands in 2012.

Mastered in Multimedia Creation, Design and Engineering (MCDEM) at La Salle BCN with special focus in Management of Interactive Multimedia Projects, considering all the disciplines which form it, such as Concept Research and Creation, Storytelling, Analysis of Specific Audiences, User Experience, Usability, Design and Creativity, Technologies Involved and Content Management.

UX Certification Badge 1009013 from Nielsen Norman GroupCertified ScrumMaster® 000400470Pega Certified Professional