“Design in motion: the new frontier of interaction” Antonio de Pasquale – #IxD14

Antonio De Pascuale explained how we can sketch and use motions in a design project to increase affordance, to simplify complex interactions and to give a new dynamic brand identity to our products.
To illustrate his vision he match Disney’s Twelve Basic Principles of Animation to known used UI animations.

“You don’t have to have a complex workflow, you just have to explain complex problems clearly.”

In 1981, Disney animators introduced the world to the 12 basic principles of animation. For many, the 12 rules are held in the same esteem as Dieter Rams’ ten principles of good design, and are seen as something of a bible to would-be animators. In a chapter in her book, The Mobile Frontier, Rachel Hinman looks at how the Disney principles can also be applied to mobile UI and game design, pulling in examples from Apple, Microsoft, Google, Palm, and more. Hinman believes that motion is all-important in mobile design, and highlights how transitive animations and other techniques can help bring a little “magic” into a mobile user experience. The full chapter has been published online by Smashing Magazine, while the book itself is available for purchase through Amazon.

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