Pallas Athena, the end of an era.

As a consequence of a worldwide Perceptive Software restructuring, “The Church” (PSW Apeldoorn office) will be closed.
I feel the need of mourning with tears in my eyes and a knot in my throat.

For me it represented 2 fantastic years in many ways.

I was already thrilled by the fact of working at a software developing company with offices in a former church!

Apeldoorn became my home. A peaceful haven with only 15 minutes bike ride from home to work.

The ambience at the office was great. We worked very well together. With efficiency but also with friendship.

We where very excited to recreate the process products from scratch for the cloud. The first working set of modules 100% in the Everywhere platform.

I learned a lot from this job and from my colleagues. The day to day interaction and iterations of product and feature design with Product Owners, Project Managers, Developing teams, Tech Writers, Testers, etc. would multiply the quality of the deliverables and our professional and personal growth.

Last but not least, I had the most awesome UX team to work with. A world wide team of more than 13 pros in different areas like Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Front-end Developing, Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Usability, Accessibility, Information Architecture…

The spirit of the old company (Pallas Athena) remained ’till the end. Many where within the company for more than 20 years!

I will miss them all. Specially from R&D:


R&D Management

Serhan Yengulalp – CTO Perceptive Process (Will return to USA)

Frank Vollebregt – Development Manager (Remains in Naarden)

Dolf Grünbauer – Team lead Development / Architect (Remains in Naarden)


Product Management

Mark van Roermund – Product Manager

Christiaan Esmeijer – Product Manager


Project Management

Arjan Kok – Release Manager

Gerrianne Knopper – Engineering Project Manager

Jacob Rimmert Jong – Engineering Project Manager


Process Mining Team

Georgi Jojgov –  Senior Software Engineer / Team lead / Architect, etc. (Remains in Eindhoven)

Yanning Luo – Software Engineer


Process Design Team

Synco van Deursen – Team lead / Architect (Remains for 6 months)

Maria Zimakova – Software Engineer

Tam Do – Software Engineer


Process Client Team

Patrick Pol – Team lead / Architect (Remains for 6 months)

Pieter de Haan – Software Engineer


Process Engine Team

Maarte van Hattem – Software Engineer (Remains for 6 months)

Bart van der Klip – Software Engineer

Harry Friemann – Software Engineer


Systems Team

Kristiaan Jansen – Team Lead/Software Engineer

Renny Wijngaard – Software Engineer


BPM|one Dev. Team

Bastiaan Prijs – Software Engineer

Jeroen Weijers – Software Engineer

Boris Daljevic – Software Engineer


QA Team

Lars Willekens – Test Engineer

Paul Melching – Test Engineer


Product Knowledge

Adriënne de Regt – Brieffies – Technical Writer


Research Team

Hajo Reijers – Head of BMP Research

Eduardo González López de Murillas – PhD Candidate at TU/e

Felix Mannhardt – PhD Candidate at TU/e


Support Services Team

Jeffrey de Jong – Supervisor of Global Support Services (Remains in Naarden)

Hans van Egteren – Global Support Specialist (Remains in Naarden)

Rob Smit – Global Support Services Engineer (Remains in Naarden)


Human Resources

Mischa Lindenbergh – HR Business Partner (Remains in Naarden)

Tina Bemmel – HR & Payroll Assistant (Remains in Naarden)


From other teams like

Hennie Hoevers – Office Manager/Coordinator

Claudine Boeijen – Management Assistant

Paul Eertink – Product Marketing Manager BPM

Dave van ‘t Hoenderdaal – Solution Architect (Remains in Naarden?)

Eling Homminga – BPMone Integration Consultant

André Wols – Team Lead Professional Services / Service Manager

Bianca Schothuis – Project Controller (Remains in Naarden)

Mary-Jane Spetter – Manager of Product Training Delivery

Hienadz Drahun – Interaction Designer

Giuseppe Stillo – IT Application Engeneer

Emiel Kelly – Trainer/Coach BPM

…and many more…


Without counting the ones that have left or been laid off on previous restructuring like:

John HooglandHans SandbergTanja Van der KrabbenPeter WalravenSander BloemArjan de HaanPeter van den BrandBram Diederik, Tjalko BoumaInge BoumaKatja van den BrandtCiska BrinkEmmy DudokPatrick EkkelRic KlarenChristian MiddelweerdJelle BreuerDiane van den Top-ReezigtGeert Heinhuis, Erland Kniese and many more that I might be forgetting…

Will definitely miss “The Church” and the spirit within.