Interaction Design Association (IxDA) 7th annual conference

This year the IxDA Interaction conference is being held here in The Netherlands.

Interaction14, 5-8 February 2014, Amsterdam

Hienadz Drahun and I had management approval to assist.

Unfortunately the clearance to use our company credit cards to pay, did come a bit late and many days where sold out in a few minutes so we decided to assist to some workshops and any available date.

Of course some of the most interesting workshops where also sold out 🙁

At the end I was able to book a couple of workshops to which I attended yesterday and we will be there this Saturday

The workshops, held at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht in Hilversum, where very interesting.


presented by Jason Nunes (@monkeyprime)

If good design requires failure, how can designers f*ck up when failure isn’t considered an option?

Edison famously said, “I failed my way to success.” In the interactive world, we’ve all heard the buzz phrases about failing fast, and how failure–particularly in the form of prototyping–can be a powerful design tool. But what about real failure? We’ve all experienced projects that never got off the ground, or crashed and burned stunningly. We don’t put them in our portfolios. We only talk about them when we’ve had one drink too many. What can we learn from our embarrassments? And are there really things we can learn by failing, especially in the agency and consulting worlds, where we are hired for our expertise, and infallibility?

Questions to think about:

  • Can there be actual power, and knowledge in failure?
  • What is your biggest failure, and what did you learn from it?
  • What are the different ways you can fail? Have you ever had a “successful” project that was a personal failure? Why? What can you learn from it?
  • Why are we so afraid of failing? What are the negative consequences of failure? And how can we encourage a positive viewpoint on failure?
  • How can we pull victory from the flames of defeat? How do you not panic when you sense yourself failing? How can you use your failure to inform future successes?
  • How can we build an acceptance of failure into a design or consulting practice? How can we get away from always having to be right, and move towards creative adaptability?

Slide Share: FCKUPdesign

Jason Nunes

Sketching through the design process

presented by Ray DeLaPena (@rayraydel)

This workshop presents an accessible framework for understanding sketching to help communication, understanding, and problem solving.

Every kind of sketching activity falls into one of three categories, and in this workshop covered these three modalities; thinking, talking, and showing.
For each type of sketching we cover:

  • Who it helps
  • What it is
  • When it can help
  • Why you don’t need to “know how to draw” to use it
  • How to be prepared to use it

You don’t even need to know how to “draw” to learn and apply the methods covered here.

After attending this session you will be more comfortable with and better prepared to recognize opportunities where sketching can be used to increase communication and understanding with clients, stakeholders, coworkers, as well as all by yourself, as you work through problems and come up with solutions.

Slide Share: Sketching across the design process

Ray DeLaPena

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