“Languages of Interaction Design” – Gillian Crampton-Smith – #IxD14

Gillian Crampton-Smith, Designer/Educator at IUAV University of Venice, made a nice analysis of the language of design and it’s evolution and how this heritage affects the IxD.
She remembered visiting a designer friend in the early days of Microsoft and how she would receive an icon request written in a paper and slide under the door. How little communication has and how context was overlooked. “Interaction design has come along way from being icon machines.”

Also reminded us to think about the way we naturally interact with physical things when designing graphical UIs and that “Sometimes things don’t have to look gorgeous to be beautiful”.

The featured image is a nice sketch note by Chris Noessel

I made this note during her presentation: The business man makes “deals”, the developer talks “compromise”, the designer has “trade offs”. How good is the result?